Moore Polska: a strength of experience

Two reputable auditing companies have joined their forces into one company. Moore Rewit and Morison Finansista will operate under the common name: Moore Polska.

Family businesses

Moore Rewit and Morison Finansista can boast decades of an established presence on the market of auditing and accounting services and the success and trust of clients. Both companies have been in the top twenty of the ranking of audit firms carried out by the ‘Rzeczpospolita’ newspaper many times. We believe that after the merger, thanks to our hard work, we will rank even higher, becoming one of the most respected companies on the market.

However, both companies do not forget how necessary the foundations on which they were built are tradition and family nature of both businesses.

From the very beginning, MOORE Rewit and Morison Finansista have cultivated the best features of family businesses. So we have no doubts that the merger is another step towards even more significant progress. A future in which MoorePolska will be celebrating further triumphs.

Moore Rewit

Moore Rewit has almost 30 years of experience. From the beginning, the company set itself to build reputation, trust and respect among its customers. They have always been the most significant value, and for them, Moore Rewit developed sustainably in a dynamically changing world. Therefore, it currently boasts 660 satisfied customers under the professional care of over 170 experts.

So, taking care of its recipients, in 2020, the company joined the international Moore Global network. Then, in 2021, it merged with Morison Finansista, a reputable auditing company from Poznań.

Morison Finansista

Morison Finansista has over 30 years of experience that exceeds market expectations. However, these are mainly nearly 50 specialists, expanding their knowledge daily and ready to support their customers, whom more than 350 annually serve.

Morison Finansista is a family company with clearly defined business goals, focusing on continuous development. Therefore, it is not afraid of new challenges, implemented in the future together with Moore Rewit under one name: Moore Polska.

New possibilities

Thanks to the merger, Moore Polska will expand the group of recipients. Moreover, the company’s organizational culture will be enriched, and the development of teams will be even more dynamic. Together, we will boast a team of 220 people, including almost 30 statutory auditors and 9 offices in 8 cities all over Poland.

However, our most important values will not change: loyalty, trust based on dialogue, substantive knowledge, and the family nature of the company. We will have even more opportunities to support our clients in the field of audit, financial, and tax advisory activities.

Moore Polska: great debut

Moore Rewit and Morison Finansista will be fully operational from January 2022 under a familiar brand: Moore Polska. Consolidation of our activities will help to achieve optimal growth synergy on the Polish market of audit, outsourcing, tax advisory, and business support services.

The family nature of the company will not change. MoorePolska is founded on many years of tradition, which looks to the future with optimism and constantly strives for perfection, always aiming high. It is a company that helps in development in a changing world.

We thank our clients for many years of cooperation. Thanks to you, we can open this new, fascinating chapter for Moore Polska, aim high, and can MORE.

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