Succession in family businesses

Moore Polska is a medium-sized family company, currently occupying the 9th. place in the ranking of auditors of “Rzeczpospolita”. Managing partners of Moore Polska – Lidia Skudlawska and Piotr Witek – have successfully gone through the succession process. Therefore, among our services, we also offer support during business succession. 

What do we offer?

Business continuity and company growth are key indicators for the company. Moore Polska can therefore support your company, standing on the threshold of succession in:

Understanding what succession is and why it is so important 

Standing at the threshold of succession in a company, you must understand that in order for it to continue to function properly and be profitable, one day it should be handed over to people who understand the idea of the company and know how to manage it, being properly prepared to do so.

Succession planning and implementation 

After conducting an applied analysis, we will jointly select the optimal succession structure and write out a plan for its implementation.

We can also support the establishment of a Family Foundation and the creation of a Family Company Constitution 

We are here to support you at every stage of your company's succession: from the first steps to the closing of the process.

Creation of an appropriate legal form 

With our support and based on the plans previously developed succession plans and analysis of your business, we will create an appropriate legal form of doing business, providing support for the entire process, along with legal, accounting and tax support.

Why focus on succession?

We know what ails medium-sized family businesses. Obstacles blocking the growth of businesses include tax issues or problems with access to financing.

On top of that, there is another, insanely important aspect. Medium-sized family businesses have existed in Poland for many years. This means that in quite a few of them, the issue of succession will become more pressing with each passing year.

So we are the answer to your needs for handing over your business to the next generation!


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