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How can we help you?

Nowadays, managing a company requires extensive knowledge not only of the market (customers, competitors), but also of the situation inside the company. Understanding the mechanisms behind modern business is key to running an optimized, profitable enterprise.

Moore Polska mission is to be an advisor and business partner in a changing world and environment. Modern, secure accounting, optimal taxes and costs, growth in business culture and business knowledge – these are the priorities we have set for ourselves. We believe that their implementation will contribute to the development of not only us and our customers but also the entire community.


Therefore, being aware of the dynamic changes in the environment, both economic and tax-legal, as a characteristic feature of the current business reality, we come out to meet our clients, offering Moore Polska service : Tax&Legal Alerts.

We provide support by providing tailored information to each of our partners, taking into account, in particular, the characteristics of their business and the specifics of the entity.

All alerts are prepared in a fully professional manner, with attention to detail. We create them on the basis of draft laws, explanations and announcements published by the government administration, interpretations of tax authorities and judgments of the Supreme Administrative Court and provincial administrative courts.

What do we offer?

Moore Polska: Tax & Legal Alerts therefore guarantees our Partners up-to-date information on current changes in the legal and tax environment of their business. This is an excellent as well as very convenient way to always know what the latest regulations are that may affect your business.

Constant monitoring of announced, projected and coming into force tax, accounting and legal changes;

Regularly informing our partners in an accessible manner in this regard;

Tailor the service and its terms to the individual needs of the client.

What are the benefits of our alert? 

So, if you want to be always one step ahead of the competition – be sure to use our Moore Polska service: Tax & Legal Alerts. Contact us and expect the first summary!


Moore Polska: Tax & Legal Alerts 

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