Accounting reviews

Do you want to be sure about the accounts you keep? Take advantage of the offer of book reviews. Moore Polska team of experts will summarize and confirm correctness or identify areas for correction. We will help correct errors and implement correct accounting standards, always guided by minimizing risks to the owners and the business.

What can we offer?

Get support from a team of more than 250 Moore Polska experts and specialists

Identify areas of tax risk for the company

Verification of the legality and reliability of the declared tax bases and the correctness of the calculation and payment of taxes, including all structural elements of taxes

Examination of the prerequisites for entitlement to applicable tax credits and exemptions

Audit of the correctness of the documentation of business events in relation to the regulations that determine the ways of recording and documenting transactions and internal procedures

Verification of information and registration obligations, as well as the implementation of obligations related to reporting to tax authorities (JPK VAT, summary information, statements)

Verification of obligations to have transfer pricing documentation or audit of such documentation in terms of formal requirements and application of the recognized method of determining transaction prices

Tax analysis of the international activities of the company in terms of double taxation treaties and Community law

Verification of the accuracy of settlements at the turn of accounting periods involving the introduction of changes in tax laws,

HR and payroll audit on the implementation of obligations arising from the payer function,

Verification of the correctness of taxation of transactions related to the implementation of mergers, demergers and conversions or other exceptional business events.

Why use the support of Moore Polska?

Our tax and accounting audit guarantees an assessment of the correctness of the settlements made and assistance in making corrections in the event that irregularities are detected. 

We propose to implement correct solutions and measures to reduce or eliminate potential tax risks. In addition, you can expect us to identify solutions that allow for legal tax optimization. 

We conduct the audit with reference to the criteria and aspects adopted by the tax authorities during tax audits, and the solutions we propose take into account changes in regulations and current interpretations of tax authorities.


A review of the books of account, the accounting system, the principles used and the examination of the accuracy of tax settlements is a useful tool for identifying, assessing and reducing or eliminating irregularities and potential risks of lack of integrity and reliability in the area of recording business operations, reporting and tax settlements.

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Partner, Director of the Accounting Services Department, Commercial Proxy
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