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Moore Polska also offers extensive legal support in setting up and running your business. Contact us – our specialists and experts will help you find answers to your most pressing questions and point out solutions to even the most difficult issues.

How can we help your company? 

Legal services 
Development of internal procedures 
Preparation of documents 
Document review 

What does this mean in practice? 

Legal services – Support in the process of establishing a business, the current operation of the enterprise, taking into account its business profile, contractors and customers, support in the suspension, liquidation, restructuring or bankruptcy of the enterprise, as well as advice on making business transformations, including divisions and mergers, for the purpose of obtaining a better optimized and more favorable organizational and legal structure. The service also includes advice on any legal issues and questions that may arise in the course of doing business.

Development of internal procedures – tailored to the subject matter and nature of the entrepreneur’s business, including comprehensive support for specific issues concerning the design of internal procedures or alignment of the entrepreneur’s business with specific guidelines, which include, among others: the RODO policy, AML procedure, procedure for reporting and protection of whistleblowers, i.e., persons reporting violations of the law at the entrepreneur;

Prepare drafts of contracts, bylaws, policies, calls, minutes of meetings, resolutions and other corporate documents – taking into account the needs of the entrepreneur and providing the broadest possible legal protection.

Opinion on contracts and other documents relevant to the entrepreneur – to verify the effectiveness of the actions taken, as well as to identify irregularities and legal risks. The service ends with the issuance of a recommendation on the most optimal way to achieve the goals set by the company.

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