Tax and legal advice

We successfully increase the tax security of our clients’ businesses by reducing risks and implementing optimal tax procedures. We support our clients and carry out business transformations including demergers and mergers for both tax and organizational optimization effects.

We provide support amidst dynamically changing laws and regulations. We are the answer to any tax and legal challenges in your business.

How can we help your company?

Get support from Moore Polska’s team of more than 250 experts and specialists

Tax consulting 

We share ongoing tax advice - on CIT, VAT, PCC, real estate tax and many others

Tax and revenue proceedings 

We represent our clients during tax, administrative court and fiscal proceedings

Individual interpretations 

We prepare requests for interpretations individually to the Director of National Tax Information

CIT Compilance 

We perform audits of CIT calculations and assess the correctness of settlements (CIT Compilance)

Tax schemes 

We draw up internal procedures for tax schemes


We prepare and conduct audits of tax functions

Transfer pricing 

We create transfer pricing documentation, verify transactions, draft sample statements and internal procedures, as well as create separate benchmarking analyses

Doing business 

We offer comprehensive services and will guide you through the entire process, preparing all the necessary documents and completing the paperwork

Creation of documentation 

We create standardized and specialized documents used by entrepreneurs in relations with contractors and customers, as well as commonly used in trade contracts and commercial documents

Meetings and negotiations 

We participate and represent clients during negotiations and business meetings


We advise, analyze the legal situation of entities, prepare draft documents and represent in proceedings

Shaping the legal framework 

We assist our clients in shaping the legal framework of their businesses


We represent clients during Social Security disputes

Legal support 

In response to complex issues, we draft legal opinions, as well as offer legal assistance related to the transformation, restructuring or liquidation and bankruptcy of companies

Tax and legal training 

We provide tax and legal training so that the client is informed all the time about the changing regulations

Tax and legal consulting services

We take on the toughest challenges

We will help with the preparation of information on the tax strategy being implemented

We will review 

We will review your business operations

We will identify the risks 

We will identify tax risks

We will verify the procedures 

We will verify the tax procedures you have in place

We will draw up procedures 

We will draw up the other necessary tax procedures

Why use the support of Moore Polska?

We act efficiently and effectively always choosing the optimal and safe solution. 

We are a team of specialists and experts
but above all – practitioners who are in constant contact with each client.

We guarantee security and protect your interests in the event of a tax audit.

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Tax and legal advice 

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