ESG Moore Polska

Business, is not only economic indicators, but above all relationships. It’s also a responsibility that companies are taking on. 
After all, running a company cannot be based solely on financial performance and self-interest. 

What is ESG?

The company should generate benefits in a broad sense – to stakeholders, local communities, as well as the environment. This is because it allows you to achieve sustainability and stability, but also to seek optimal solutions.

ESG (Environmental, Social Responsibility and Governance) – these are the factors on the basis of which ratings and non-financial assessments of companies, various types of organizations or even states are created. These factors are key elements of a company’s growth in a rapidly changing world. At Moore Polska, however, we not only believe in it, we implement it in-house, but we also help our clients achieve their ESG goals. Our framework is simple to implement and understand, but will also bring fundamental changes. For the better.


We believe that by taking care of the environment and focusing on development, you can achieve success. We implement it ourselves and can help you implement it in your enterprise.
We are building an ethical supply chain, our Teams are diverse and we focus on equality in every aspect. We achieve our social goals and we can help achieve yours.
Corporate governance

We are a family business with a strong foundation, built on empathy, dialogue and understanding. Proper management and correct business policy is the knowledge we want to share.

We are here to help you grow

At Moore Polska, we are here to help you grow – to be business partners who see, understand and can MORE. However, we don’t just believe, we follow a responsible supply chain, so we work with companies with similar operating foundations.

We also want to help on various levels, taking care of the community around us: 

We also invite you to read a report on ESG, prepared by the Center for Economics and Business Research on behalf of Moore Global. Check out the benefits of adopting ESG practices! And for more on how Moore Global implements ESG procedures and best practices that Moore Polska also uses, please find 

Moore Polska publications on ESG

On November 17, 2023, the regulation on Health and Safety at work positions equipped with screen monitors entered into force. Therefore, we are facing changes in H&S regarding work with computers. 
In this year’s Ranking of Audit Firms prepared by the „Rzeczpospolita” newspaper, Moore Polska was on a high, 10th position! Undoubtedly, it is the result of the hard work of the entire team.