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Unique combination of high-quality competence of global standard with characteristic features of family businesses.

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We are part of an international network Moore Global – the eleventh network in the industry. This gives us access to global knowledge and allows us to grow sustainably in a rapidly changing world.

At the same time – we believe in relationships based on dialogue, respect, empathy and mutual trust. We are partners – both internally and externally: we support each other, pushing each other constantly to improve competence, as well as for our clients.

Another success of Moore Polska! 

The NPS score among customers was 66.

Thank you for your trust!

place in the ranking of auditors 

Another success of Moore Polska! 

In the “Rzeczpospolita” 2024 Audit Ranking we maintained the high, 9th position from last year. Thank you! Thank you!

What can we offer to you?

Get support from Moore Polska’s team of more than 250 experts and specialists 
Services provided by an experienced team of accountants, auditors and consultants.
We will help you understand your business, identify opportunities and threats from the market and the state of your finances.
Knowledgeable specialists guarantee HR and payroll support in accordance with regulations and best practices.
Legal consulting services in the field of commercial, business and civil law, as well as comprehensive assistance in the area of tax and public liabilities.
We are implementing ESG and unfunded reporting. We offer support during supplier audits.
We provide practical advice on the full range of corporate finance services.
Expert support in the course of conducting court and prosecution work.
Address rental and comprehensive office administrative services.
Join us for unique, hands-on training from financiers for financiers and non-financiers.
We are part of Moore Global's international network and can therefore offer support in developing business overseas.
Check out Moore Polska's range of products that will optimize and streamline your business.

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