ESG and non-financial reporting

Business is not only about economic indicators, but first and foremost about relationships. It’s also a responsibility that companies are taking on.

After all, running a company cannot be based solely on financial performance and self-interest. At Moore Polska, we provide support in the implementation of ESG regulations. We are the answer to any non-financial reporting challenge.

How can we help your company?

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ESG reporting AUDIT 

Perform an audit of where your company is in the way of ESG reporting. The audit will include an analysis of vision, strategy, mission and operational goals, reporting systems and KPIs, disclosure needs and data collection methods.

AUDIT of suppliers/customers

Find out how far along the ESG reporting path your business partners are. Set goals for them to change.

ESG STRATEGY development 

Consider how, your organization wants to determine its market position in its ESG strategy, what goals it will set and what indicators will be important to you.

DATA COLLECTION for reporting 

With the help of well-tailored databases, start collecting with us the data you need to prepare for reporting - from carbon footprint to employee data.

SET OF INDICATORS for reporting. 

With us, you will build a solid set of key indicators and begin to create an optimal reporting system.


We can visualize ESG data, we have the competence
in modern interactive visualization
And distinctive among others.

All published information and reports must be reliable, so they are subject to independent audits. This is because investors must have access to reliable information, and the certainty of the data contained in financial and non-financial reports will be at the same level.

What is ESG and why is it so important?

The company should generate benefits in a broad sense – to stakeholders, local communities, as well as the environment. This is because it allows you to achieve sustainability and stability, but also to seek optimal solutions. So we believe that ESG is one of the keys to modern business.

We believe that putting sustainability at the center of business strategy is the key to a company's success. 
We are a socially responsible company, so we know the importance of equality, good working conditions and support. 
We have been building an ethical supply chain since our inception. We believe that empathy and dialogue are our highest values. 

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What you will gain by taking advantage of the offer


Our ESG framework can help you transform your company's environmental and sustainability goals. Full transparency around your environmental credentials and policies is essential to building stakeholder relationships and managing your external and internal reputation.


Employment equity, diversity, good working conditions, supply chain management and understanding the impact on the communities around the company are just some of the areas that a socially responsible company focuses on.


Strong governance is key to any ESG strategy. Our framework can support your business by ensuring that the correct policies are in place and that ethical principles and values are followed. Our experts can advise on what policies are required to carry out a change for the better in your company.

We are here to support your company in implementing modern standards! 

We work to achieve the best results!

We are here to listen to your needs, to understand the operation of your business. We believe that based on sincere dialogue, we are able to build more. 
We analyze your needs and relate them to ESG standards. We choose optimal solutions that make implementing ESG strategies a pleasure. 
We work on modern software that makes it easy to check the ethical supply chain, or check the progress of fulfilled social promises Under ESG.

We are working with the socially responsible company Bilander, which is our supplier of state-of-the-art software designed for non-financial reporting.

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ESG and non-financial reporting 

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