Corporate finance

Our motto is consulting based on the client’s confidence in the competence and personal commitment of our experts, exceeding market standards.

Corporate finance - practical advice from Moore Polska

We provide practical recommendations in a wide range of corporate financial advisory services.

Unit assignments (ad hoc advice, valuations, due diligence, other expertise and financial models).

Conducting complex strategic and restructuring projects, as well as investment (planning, obtaining financing) and transactional (mergers and acquisitions, raising investors) processes.

Corporate finance services

Why use the support of Moore Polska?

Our clients include entities from the small and medium-sized enterprise sector, as well as large corporations, from various industries, from the private and state domains. We offer support to industry and financial investors and managers (in management buyouts).

With experts from 8 offices in Poland and the Moore network around the world, we carry out both local and nationwide advice and projects, as well as international projects.

Our experts have extensive professional experience as consultants, but also as business owners and managers. Therefore, we respect and can appreciate the challenges our clients face, personally understanding the effort and risk of making business and capital decisions on their own behalf.

How do we work?

We specialize in a broad spectrum of corporate financial consulting. In projects that also require competence in other fields, we recommend or coordinate the work of consortia involving Moore Poland and other expert firms, for which we are engaged:

law and tax offices

companies on the subject. optimization of operational processes

licensing investment company (securities trading)

technical and property appraisers

environmental expertise companies

Extensive, successful experience in advising companies in various sectors, combining the knowledge and our local relationships with cross-border capabilities of the global network.

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Corporate finance 

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