Hi, nice to see you! Cool that you stopped by – it means you’re interested in joining the #MoorePolandTeam. Ready to get to know us? Then let’s get started!

Career path at Moore Polska

Want to find out what kind of development awaits you at Moore Polska? Be sure to check out what we can offer you! We assure you that you will not be bored with us, and there is no question of stagnation in our Team. Development at Moore Polska starts with your first steps on the job market, and can end up all the way to becoming a partner of the company! 

Find out why you should be on the #MoorePolandTeam

We are a close-knit team of more than 250 experts and specialists in our fields. Among this team you will find almost 30 chartered accountants and 2 tax advisors. We are professionals in the full sense of the word and like to expand our knowledge as well as share it.

We like our work 

We have a lot of work, challenges even more, but what we do is rewarding. We are pleased with our collective, as well as individual, successes. Not just professional ones. We support each other at every stage of our lives and often form relationships that go beyond the "walls" of the company.

Empathy and dialogue 

We build our team - the entire Moore Polska team, as well as the minor ones under the care of Team Managers - on trust and empathy. We believe that dialogue is the highest value - conversation can truly move mountains! As a result, we understand each other better, learn about our problems and work together to find solutions.

Continuous development 

Our goal is to improve competence and seek optimal solutions. At the center of our activities is the customer, but we are well aware that without a great team like ours, we would never achieve anything! Each of us is happy to be a part of the #MoorePolandTeam, and so we heartily encourage you to get to know us better.

Therefore, if you think you’re a perfect fit for us – don’t wait, learn about our ongoing recruitment efforts and become part of the #MoorePolskaTeam!

Our HR team

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