Internal audit

Is your company’s governance, internal controls and risk management adequate and functioning effectively? If you are not sure – be sure to contact Moore Polska. We will conduct an operational audit of the effectiveness of your company’s internal control system.

What do we offer?

We check the effectiveness of the internal control system (overall and dedicated to selected areas and business processes)

We verify the degree of compliance of the operation of practical activities with relevant laws and internal regulations, policies, standards and procedures

We conduct a fraud audit with fraud risk assessment, for confirmation that company assets are adequately protected

We perform IT audits and controls for infrastructure, networks, IT management controls, virus prevention and business continuity assurance 

Analysis "as is"

The audit includes an “as is” analysis of the current state of the audit area and its assessment, identifying the areas most at risk and a risk analysis that is the basis for building an audit plan.

What will you gain from us?

The result of the internal audit is the identification of areas and identification of systems that, through the risks present and insufficient efficiency, threaten or inhibit the achievement of business objectives. 

Recommendations from the audit suggest desirable changes to improve the operation of your business. Participation in the construction and monitoring of the implementation of the so-called. improvement plan are optional support activities or as part of business consulting and post-audit activities.

Who performs the audit?

The internal audit is carried out by an experienced team of Moore Polska certified internal auditors with many years of experience, including. at a multinational FMCG corporation and working with a number of companies. The motto of our auditors is to effectively help solve the problems and challenges faced by entrepreneurs at various stages of running a company.

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