Mergers and acquisitions – transaction management

We specialize in performing operations of high complexity, which undoubtedly include procedures for the acquisition and sale of companies and mergers of entities. These projects are multi-stage and dynamic processes, with the active participation of various think tanks and decision-making centers. 

As strategic advisors, we are guided first by the diagnosis of the situation and the client’s expectations. On this basis, we define the assumptions and transaction objectives, and then accompany the client throughout the process, managing the implementation of the planned tasks. In doing so, we react to changing circumstances (specific and market) and the behavior of the parties to the transaction. 

We serve not only with economic and financial knowledge. In transactions, no less important is our ability to psychologically assess the behavior of the other party and select methods of conduct and negotiation tactics.

Our activities

Depending on the consulting contract, we work for:

Persons or companies disposing of enterprises or parts thereof (shares of companies); or

Persons or companies acquiring companies or parts thereof (shares of companies); or

Companies planning to divide or spin off parts of their businesses for disposal

Companies merging with other entities

Implemented activities

The following advisory tasks include:

Identify transaction objectives and risks

Structuring of transactions

Identification of companies - acquisition targets

Identification of investors - buyers of companies

Preparation of offers for sale or evaluation of acquisition offers

Pre-transaction analysis of the company (Due Diligence)

Company valuation

Negotiating the deal

Finalizing the deal

Allocation of purchase price in the books 

Post-transaction counseling

Where warranted by legal requirements, we provide cooperation from licensed investment firms specializing in investment advice on securities trading.

In addition, we work with a market-leading partner company, which, based on an operational diagnosis, implements measures to optimize internal processes (increase efficiency, reduce costs) and merge the cultures of consolidated entities.

As part of this specialization, we also advise holding companies that are making entity changes through consolidations, demergers or spin-offs involving subsidiaries and affiliates. This is helped by our extensive experience and knowledge of the specifics of decision-making processes in large corporations.

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