Audit and reviews of financial statements

The primary purpose of an audit of the financial statements is to confirm, through the expression of a written audit report, whether the financial statements prepared comply with the accounting policies applied. In addition, checking whether the financial statements fairly and clearly present the assets, financial position and financial results of the audited business entity.

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Getting to know your business, organization, accounting system, financial situation 
Identification of risk factors and their analysis 
Planning to conduct the survey 
Audit of financial statements 

SF examination preliminary (before the end of the reporting year), essential (after the end of the reporting year


The conclusions of the study are presented in the form of an audit report and valuable information for the Management of the entity, which can realistically contribute to improving the management of the accounting and financial sphere of the entity

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Our team of experts and specialists audits financial statements according to IAS – International Accounting Standards and IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards. Moore Polska’s goal in the audit process is to provide our clients with a guarantee of the integrity of the audit report we have prepared.

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In such a way as to protect the entity from impending tax, legal and financial risks

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Questions and answers

The review applies to financial statements and condensed financial statements covering a period shorter than a fiscal year and prepared at a time other than the balance sheet date. It can be an alternative to an audit of financial statements in situations where such an audit is not mandatory.

The purpose of the review of the financial statements is to express the auditor’s view that nothing has been identified that would prevent the conclusion that the financial statements comply with the accounting principles (policies). In addition, it allows to determine the reliability and clarity of the presented, in all relevant aspects, property and financial situation. After reviewing the financial statements, the auditor issues a report.

Reviews of financial statements are helpful to both the entity’s management and the auditors. They allow early detection of irregularities in the accounting system and gaps in internal controls, and make it possible to assess a company’s financial health. In addition, the information obtained during the review can be used by the auditor during a full year-end audit of the financial statements.

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