About us

What sets us apart in the market is our unique combination of high-quality competence of global standards and the distinctive characteristics of family businesses. We are therefore associated, as a global company, with a consistently cultivated style of work, combined with a pleasant atmosphere and mutual respect and trust, both in internal relations and towards our customers.

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Managing a company today requires managers to have extensive knowledge not only of the market (customers, competitors), but also of the situation inside the company. The auditor is therefore expected to provide reliable information on the state of the company in the context of the entity’s key activities, advice and support.

We focus on solutions that guarantee the security of the business, optimize costs and improve the business culture. Every day we help build and grow our clients’ businesses. We take an active part in the processes, becoming an important link to increase the value of the company. Based on values such as trust, openness, reliability and loyalty, we create long-term relationships, offering real support and professional advice.

Almost 34 years of presence on the Polish market means the trust of many customers and constant work on improving the quality and expanding the range of services provided by increasing the competence of our specialists.

In the 2023 ranking of the Rzeczpospolita daily, Moore Polska ranked among the top audit firms and tax advisors, taking a high ranking of 9. Place, as the best auditor. We are one of the largest auditing firms in the country with 100% Polish capital.

Moore Polska is not only the answer to the state of the company, but also benefits from its unique interdisciplinary knowledge and experience. 

Our mission

Moore Polska mission is to be an advisor and business partner in a changing world and environment. Modern accounting, optimal taxation and costs, growth of business culture and level of business knowledge – these are the priorities we have set for ourselves, believing that their implementation will contribute to the development of not only us and our clients, but the entire community. 

Board members


Partner, Managing Director of the Accounting Services Department, Board Member
Partner, Managing Director of the Accounting Services Department, Board Member
Warsaw, Lodz
Partner, Managing Director of the Audit Department, Board Member
Partner, Managing Director of the Audit Department, Board Member
Zywiec, Bielsko-Biala, Katowice
Partner, Director of the Accounting Services Department, Commercial Proxy
Gdansk-Oliwa, Gdynia
Partner, Deputy Director of the Accounting Services Department, Commercial Proxy

Associations and memberships 

We believe that only by working together can we achieve MORE.
Therefore, we are happy to announce that Moore Polska is a member:

Our values

We are part of the Moore Global international network, so the values we live by are the same. However, we also have our own foundations on which we build teams of understanding and mutual respect.


Together with our international network, we will help you realize your ambitions. We believe that being flexible and open-minded, as well as empathy and dialogue, and teamwork are able to ensure optimal synergy of development and provide fully professional care to our clients. 


Our motivation and dedication are yielding results. We like to expand our knowledge and share it and constantly improve our skills. Development is important for us, because we believe that he who does not develop, begins to stand in place, and eventually regress. Therefore, we combine innovation and efficiency in .


We are at your service whenever you need us. We are constantly looking for the most optimal solutions. We are fully committed at every stage of the cooperation we have undertaken. We are characterized by reliability and honesty.


We will guide and support you in the changing world, help your business flourish. However, in doing so, we understand the importance of relationships – as a family business, we especially cultivate them. That’s why you can count on our loyalty and courage to take on new challenges.