Audit of employee records 

We are always up to date with the current state of the law and will dispel any doubts about legislative changes.

Employee Records Audit is a comprehensive service to verify the current state of employee records, which will result in a detailed audit report with critical areas identified and a proposed remediation plan. It also helps to verify the new statements and information obligations to employees that have been introduced by the legislature.

How can we help your company?

Working with us 

You will receive expert advice with interdisciplinary expertise in areas such as auditing, taxation, accounting, finance, law, risk management, business process management, and coaching and mentoring.

You will improve reporting control systems and internal processes.

You will optimize tax liabilities and the business processes taking place.

You will increase the credibility and quality of your financial statements.

You will reduce the risk.

You will receive current information on changes in tax law, labor law and accounting.

You will discover resources and raise the level of employees' core competencies.

You will build image and goodwill.

You will see more opportunities for your business and get the support you need.

When is it a good idea to use an Employee Records Audit? 

Not sure if your company's employee records are being kept correctly

Want to verify the quality of your employees' personnel files

You have doubts about the form of storage of employee records

You want to switch to an electronic form of employee recordkeeping, but you prefer to verify its current status beforehand

You care about additional external control of the work of the HR and payroll department

You manage an HR and payroll department and want to verify the correctness of your operations

You are concerned about penalties from the PIP related to improper maintenance or storage of employee records

Changes in legislation have introduced the need to create a number of new statements and you need to verify them

Why Moore Polska?


Guarantee of the highest quality

The goal of the founders of Moore Polska was to create a company that provides reliable accounting and HR services of the highest quality. For us this means: timeliness, flawlessness, responding to specific needs and customer expectations.

Our team of practitioners: accountants, auditors and tax advisors provides services based on the highest market standards and in compliance with provisions of the Law on accounting


When can we start?

We are ready now!

We carry out tasks in accordance with current regulations, and guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of our service. The implementation of services for a given company is the responsibility of named specialists who organize and supervise the technical and substantive aspects of cooperation, as well as ensure the efficiency of service delivery.

Contact the specialist of your choice

Partner, Managing Director of the Accounting Services Department, Board Member
+48 505 223 074
Warsaw, Lodz
Partner, Director of the Accounting Services Department, Commercial Proxy
+48 505 223 086
Gdansk-Oliwa, Gdynia
Partner, Key Projects Director, Commercial Proxy 
+48 602 267 884

We assist our clients in the proper maintenance of personnel records, paying special attention to legal aspects.

A comprehensive approach 

Why conduct an Employee Records Audit?

Benefits for your organization

Security of conducting personnel audit – data processing in accordance with the law on RODO

Ability to conduct the audit fully remotely – without the need for our presence in your office

Guarantee of professional knowledge and experience of the team implementing the audit of employee records

Verification of the status of documentation in accordance with current regulations (including the Law and Regulations related to COVID-19), including changes introduced by the Polish Order

Meet the companies that trusted us

Personnel file audit - step by step 


Contact our expert 


We will provide you with a detailed quotation along with the service delivery time 


IMPORTANT: We also sign a personal data processing agreement – so you can feel secure about your data 


You hand over your employee records and we take care of the rest without taking up your time 


At the end, you will receive a comprehensive HR audit report with identified areas for improvement 


Human Resources and Payroll 

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Questions and answers

Yes. Data will be processed in accordance with the guidelines of the RODO Act only within the scope of the contract. They will not be given to anyone and will be properly protected against loss and destruction.

We do everything to keep your involvement to a minimum. Once the documentation is handed over, our team will handle the process, and you will be contacted only when the situation actually requires it. We do not want to disrupt your daily work. At the end, you will receive a comprehensive HR audit report, which we will be happy to discuss.

The cost and price depends on the level of employment and the length of time to be verified. The minimum duration of the audit is 3 working days. The cost of services starts from PLN 750 net + VAT for up to 5 employees.

Yes. We have systems in place for secure and convenient digital data transfer.

The process is overseen by Oksana Nakonieczna – manager of the HR and payroll team in Gdansk. Instead, orders will be carried out by HR and payroll specialists under the direction of the managers of each of our Group’s branches.

Human Resources and Payroll Services

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