Service title

A brief description of the service, why this service is important and who it is aimed at, CTAs (why? why is it important? “short” to whom?) 

For whom

Beat the objections 


what is the point? what is the problem? what are the needs?

Why Moore Polska

Team, emphasize expertise, differentiators, experience

What do we gain by taking advantage of the offer? 

What might the situation look like after taking advantage of the offer? Action on imagination, how will the need be solved?

Contents of the offer

Product/service description, benefits // short, specific, no jargon, better bullet points 


the method of delivery, outsourcing, cooperation with departments, what we do in each period (steps)

Social proof

recommendations, case studies, quotes, videos

How and where can you buy the service? 

contents of the offer – summary/summary

Guarantee, CTA, method of contact, steps for cooperation (cf. ESG)


Filtering by criteria, list of other, related, complementary services