Virtual offices

Do you realise what a virtual office is and what benefits does it bring? Below are the most important advantages of such a solution, which you can also gain.

Establishing a company does not have to mean renting exclusive offices in the city centre. What is more, it does not require a lot of money. The solution is closer than you think. Opening your own business requires a specific address for documentation purposes and forward correspondence there. However, all of these can be combined in a virtual office. The company gains a correspondence address; you can register your company without any difficulties; and expenses are reduced.

Nevertheless, location is a key issue. It is worth to choose a place in the very centre in order to increase the prestige of a company. More and more entrepreneurs are investing their money in companies located in cities distant from the capital of Poland, finding a huge development potential in them. One of them is Gdańsk. Our mbiuro has all such features and is a convenient place to run your own business. Apart from virtual rooms, we offer wide support in many areas.

Our services include:

  • renting a business address;
  • forwarding scans of correspondence;
  • providing a phone number that is redirected to a different number;
  • providing a fax which receives a redirection to an e-mail address of your choice; and
  • providing a foreign telephone number that is redirected to a national number.

As a part of our services, we offer full support in accounting and administration. We help you to fill in contracts, business trip forms or invoices. We have a qualified team of employees who work diligently and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Apart from stationary services, we also offer support such as a virtual secretary. This is another modern solution that can be implemented remotely, saving your time and money. The standard offer includes handling company correspondence: all mail matter is scanned on the day of receipt and sent to the relevant e-mail address. The office support may also include keeping the necessary documentation. As a part of our activity, we also offer secretary’s office support. We provide a full range of services in the administrative and office area.

Office rental by the hour

Our office has a fully equipped conference room, necessary for business meetings. It is a convenient and practical solution for our clients, and every meeting in such an office will impress business partners and make your company look professional.


Writing requires industry knowledge, experience and a sense of style in order for your texts to sound unique and be relevant to the audience. Copywriting is more than combining letters into a coherent whole; it is writing to make recipient want to read them.

Company and product marketing

Properly working marketing is a big challenge, especially for small companies that concentrate on doing business. We will propose a marketing strategy and help you implement it. We will identify actions that will build brand recognition and gain clients’ trust.

Brand protection

Everyone who builds their own company from scratch knows the value of everything they have created. And the precious thing is a company LOGO. It is by the logo that clients recognise your company. We help you to obtain the right of protection of a word and figurative trademark, to complete all documents required; our lawyers are happy to explain all complexities and legal aspects of patent office proceedings.


The website will allow gaining business contacts from all over the country and will be an excellent showcase for potential contracting parties. Let your business exist in the Internet and choose professional website design services.

Courier services

The courier cooperating with us will take care of your shipments to be transported on time and without losses. We assist in preparing the shipment and completing transport documents. Never before has shipping been so easy and pleasant.

Price list

A prestigious registered office address and/or address for correspondence, handling of incoming correspondence (receiving mail and informing the client by e-mail about the correspondence, storing the correspondence until it is collected by the client): a comprehensive service at the best price.

Our services


Services are provided by an experienced team of accountants, auditors and advisors.


We will help you understand your business, identify opportunities and threats from the market and the state of your finances.

Corporate finance

We provide practical advice on the full range of corporate finance services.

HR and payroll

Knowledgeable specialists guarantee HR and payroll support in accordance with regulations and best practices.

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