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Nowadays, managing a company requires extensive knowledge not only about the market (customers, competition), but also about the situation inside the company. Understanding the mechanisms that govern modern business is key to running an optimized, profitable enterprise.

The mission of Moore Polska is to be an advisor and partner to businesses in a changing world and environment. Modern, secure accounting, optimal taxation and costs, increased business culture and business knowledge are the priorities we have set for ourselves. We believe that their implementation will contribute to the development of not only us and our clients but also the entire community.

Therefore, being aware of the dynamic changes in the economic as well as tax and legal environment, as a characteristic feature of the current business reality, we go out of our way to meet our clients, offering the service:



We provide support by providing information tailored to the individual needs of our partners, taking into account in particular the characteristics of their business activities and the specificity of the entity.

All alerts are prepared entirely professionally with attention to detail. We create them based on draft laws, explanations and announcements published by the government administration, interpretations of tax authorities and the judgments of the Supreme Administrative Court and provincial administrative courts.

What do we offer?

  • Constant monitoring of announced, planned and coming into force tax, accounting and legal changes;
  • Informing our partners in an accessible way on a regular basis;
  • Adjustment of the service and its conditions to the customer’s individual needs.

Moore Polska: Tax & Legal Alerts provides our partners with up-to-date information about current changes in their business’s legal and tax environment. This is an excellent and very convenient way to always know the latest regulations that may affect your business.

What are the benefits of our alert?

  • Reduce uncertainty on the part of the business associated with dynamic change and fast-track legislation;
  • Reduce internal administrative burden of monitoring tax and legal changes in-house;
  • Guarantee of precise identification of the impact of changes introduced on the practical operations of the company;
  • Obtain initial priority assessment of regulatory changes by tax and legal experts;
  • Gain an advantage over competitive entities due to information advantage;
  • Increasing the effects of the company’s activity on the market due to the possibility of using solutions resulting from legislative changes and interpretative and judicial practice.

So if you want to stay one step ahead of your competition, use our Moore Polska: Tax & Legal Alerts service. Contact us and look forward to receiving your first summary!

  • Each alert valued individually,
  • Alerts will always be sent in the first week of each month.

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Agnieszka Drożdż-Wilk

Tax and Legal Director, Attorney-at-law

Agnieszka Drożdż-Wilk

Tax and Legal Director, Attorney-at-law


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Tax specialist

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