Tax advisory

Our goal is to increase the tax security of the business conducted by our clients.

The Tax Advisory Department in REWIT Group:

  • provides services of ongoing tax advisory;
  • draws up letters and issues legal and tax opinions;
  • participates in tax, court, administrative and fiscal proceedings;
  • prepares requests for interpretations;
  • compiles transfer pricing documentation;
  • creates internal procedures for tax schemes;
  • conducts training of employees in tax issues.

Permanent advisory services are particularly popularas clients can receive answers to their tax questions on an ongoing basis. We provide advice primarily on CIT, VAT, civil-law transaction tax and real estate tax. We identify possible tax deductions and tax reliefs.

We compile tax opinions primarily in situations where clients seek appropriate solutions before they take action, which allows them to make the right decisions taking into account all factors, including tax factors. Our expert opinions guarantee safety and protect interests in the case of tax authority inspection.

Our advisers are highly efficient in disputes with state administration bodies. We represent clients in court disputes, help them to write applications and requests and establish contacts with tax authorities. We have knowledge about the functioning of tax authorities, which guarantees effective taxpayer service and detection of possible risk areas.

If, due to the analysis of the existing tax regulations, we are unable to advise the client on which proceedings are appropriate, we send a request for the interpretation of tax law to the Head of National Revenue Information.

If our clients are obliged to prepare transfer pricing documentation or internal procedures concerning tax schemes, we fulfil such documentation obligations.

Through training, we try to inform our clients about constantly changing tax regulations and clarify doubts related to such changes.

Our experts have extensive expertise in the field of taxation and indicate appropriate solutions. We guarantee reliable knowledge in the field of tax law and ethical solutions which are most favourable to the client.

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