Review of books of account together with tax settlements

The review of the books of account, accounting system, principles applied and examination of the correctness of tax settlements is a useful tool to identify, evaluate and reduce or eliminate irregularities and the potential risk of lack of reliability and credibility in recording economic operations, reporting and tax settlements.

In order to meet our Clients’ needs, we offer you a comprehensive tax and accounting audit which includes:

  • identifying the company’s tax risk areas;
  • verification of the legality and reliability of the tax bases, as declared, and the correctness of calculation and payment of taxes, covering all structural elements of the taxes;
  • examination of the premises for entitlement to the applicable tax exemptions and reductions;
  • audit of the correctness of documenting economic events in relation to the provisions governing the recording and documentation of transactions and internal procedures;
  • verification of information and registration obligations as well as of fulfilment of reporting obligations to the tax authorities (VAT SAF-T files, summary information and statements);
  • verification of transfer pricing obligations or audit of transfer pricing documentation with regard to formal requirements and the application of a recognised transaction pricing methodology;
  • a tax analysis of the company’s international operations in terms of double taxation conventions and Community law;
  • verification of the correctness of settlements at the turn of settlement periods, including changes in tax regulations;
  • an HR and payroll audit concerning the fulfilment of obligations arising from the payer function; and
  • verification of the correctness of taxation of transactions related to the merger, division and transformation or other exceptional economic events.

The tax and accounting audit conducted by us guarantees an assessment of the correctness of the settlements made and assistance in making corrections in case of irregularities. We propose the adoption of correct solutions and measures to reduce or eliminate potential tax risks. Moreover, you can expect us to indicate solutions allowing legal tax optimisation. We conduct audits with reference to the criteria and aspects adopted by the tax authorities during tax inspections, and the solutions we propose take into account changes in regulations and current interpretations of the tax authorities.

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