Other validation works

The purpose of validation services is to support clients in solving their problems and maintaining the security of their businesses.

REWIT performs various types of analyses which concern accounting methods and accounting systems. We compile opinions which confirm the correctness of the accounting solutions applied as well as indicate the correct ones. We prepare a range of accounting and reporting advice.

Validation and advisory services provided by our auditors are based on a good understanding of the client’s needs and the completion of the task set before us in time to allow the client to solve the problem quickly as well as considering various planes of the order we fulfil.

Other validation services that we provide for our clients include:

  • preparation or update of accounting policies;
  • preparation of consultations or compilations on key accounting issues in relation to IFRS/Accounting Act/other regulations;
  • advice on compilation of transfer pricing documentation;
  • validation services for company’s particular needs;
  • verification of trade mark valuation;
  • assurance services relating to forecasted financial information prepared for financial institutions;
  • designing and updating chart of accounts;
  • post-implementation reviews of accounting and consolidation systems;
  • tax and deferred tax optimisation solutions;
  • system solutions for IFRS reporting and Polish reporting;
  • consolidation sheet;
  • dedicated training in accounting, financial reporting, IFRS, cash-flow statement, deferred tax and preparation of consolidated financial statements.
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