Internal audit

An internal audit is conducted to determine whether the company’s governance, internal controls and risk management are adequate and function effectively. Internal audits are operational audits of the effectiveness of the internal control system, either comprehensive or dedicated to selected areas and business processes at a company. Furthermore, it involves checking the degree of compliance of practical actions with relevant laws and internal regulations, policies, standards and procedures.

A fraud audit is often conducted together with a fraud risk assessment to confirm that the company protects effectively its assets against significant losses of any kind. The internal audit covers IT security in terms of infrastructure, networks, IT management control, computer virus prevention as well as business continuity, physical, environmental and information (including sensitive information) security and controls of access to IT systems.

The audit includes an as-is analysis of the current status of the area audited and its assessment identifying the areas most exposed to risk as well as an analysis of the risks underlying the audit plan. The internal audit results in the identification of areas and systems that threaten or hinder the achievement of business objectives through the existing risks and insufficient performance. Audit recommendations suggest the desired changes to improve the functioning of the client’s company. Participation in the formulation and monitoring the implementation of an improvement plan are optional supporting activities or activities undertaken as part of business consulting and following the audit.

The internal audit is conducted by an experienced team of certified internal auditors with many years of experience in internal audit in such organisations as international FMCG sector corporations and cooperating with numerous companies. The auditors’ motto is to provide effective assistance in solving problems and taking up challenges faced by entrepreneurs at different stages of running a company.

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