Examination of transformation or merger plans

The transformation of companies requires development of a transformation plan which, in order to increase the reliability of the information contained therein, must be audited by a certified auditor for its correctness and credibility.

The purpose of examining the transformation plan is to issue an opinion to shareholders of a company being transformed that the management board of the company being transformed has prepared the transformation plan in accordance with the applicable law. Additionally, it determined correctly and credibly the balance sheet value of the assets of the company being transformed and the value of its shares. Moreover, the auditor examines whether the financial statements prepared for the purposes of the transformation are in accordance with the provisions of law and with the company’s articles of association or by-laws as regards the form and content, binding on the company, as well as whether they present fairly and clearly all information relevant to the company.

The audit of the transformation plan is conducted in the following stages:

  • concluding a transformation plan examination agreement;
  • compiling the examination plan and strategy;
  • examining the transformation plan;
  • reviewing events after the transformation plan date;
  • compiling a written opinion on the company’s transformation plan.
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