Audits giving opinions on tax and levy relief applications

As a rapidly growing consulting and auditing company, we always try to adapt to the clients’ needs; therefore, our services are not limited to the basic financial statement audit or internal audit procedures.

REWIT Group specialises in audits to evaluate applications for tax reliefs (e.g. electricity excise duty relief) and other public and legal charges (e.g. RES charge relief). An internal team of experts dealing with energy issues supports the auditors in the implementation of such projects for our clients. Primarily, such services are addressed to entrepreneurs from energy-intensive industries.

We treat every task entrusted to us individually in order to provide our Clients with the best possible solutions which are fully compliant with applicable legal regulations.

We assist companies having the Industrial Consumer status or applying for such status, by issuing an opinion to the documentation submitted to the Energy Regulatory Office (in Polish, URE). One of the privileges of obtaining the status of the industrial consumer is that you can benefit from the RES fee relief. The RES fee is one of the elements of settlements for electricity purchased. Companies, for which the Energy Regulatory Office confirmed the industrial consumer status, effectively reduce the costs of electricity purchase, and the savings achieved by these companies may amount to as much as PLN several hundred thousand per year.

We also support companies that apply for partial exemption from excise duty on electricity and need a certified auditor’s opinion validating the proportion of electricity purchase costs in the sales value for a given tax year. This service includes the preparation of a credible opinion attached to the application that you file with the tax authority.

Note that the taxpayers who decide to recover the overpaid excise duty receive refunds ranging from PLN several dozen to several hundred thousand.

In such orders, REWIT Group experts do not only analyse the documentation and issue an auditor’s opinion. Having several years of experience in electricity and gas related analyses as well as a team of certified auditors, we are able to carry out the most complex energy management analyses.

If you would like to learn how your company can benefit from the application of such privileges, contact our experts.

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