Audit of financial statements

REWIT Group audits financial statements according to the IAS and the IFRS.

The primary purpose of auditing the financial statements is to confirm, by means of a written audit report, whether the financial statements comply with the accounting policies which have been applied and, additionally, whether the financial statements credibly and clearly present the assets and financial condition as well as the financial result of the business entity being audited.

The goal that REWIT sets itself in the audit is that we guarantee for our clients that the resultant report on the audit of the financial statements gives credible findings.

Our approach to the audit:

  • getting to know your business, organisation, accounting system and financial situation;
  • identification and analysis of risk factors;
  • planning the audit;
  • audit of financial statements, preliminary audit (before the end of the reporting year) and specific audit (after the end of the reporting year);
  • verification;
  • feedback, i.e. examination findings to be presented as an audit report and valuable information for the company executives which can make a real contribution to improving the management of the company’s accounting and finance.

During the entire audit, we support our clients by staying in ongoing contact with them. We help our clients to provide answers to any questions and advise on solving problems so as to protect their companies against the threatening tax, legal and financial risks.

We focus on the relationship and getting to know each other.

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