We support our clients by providing to them auditing, consulting and outsourcing services.

We support our clients by providing to them auditing, consulting and outsourcing services. We have been operating for 30 years in Poland. We have a team of 220 people and offices in key agglomerations.

Accounting support services

Keeping full books of accounts

By keeping books of accounts, revenue and expense books and tax settlements, we ensure that our partners have ongoing contact with the accounting. Our clients can feel confident during tax authority inspections and are able to make prompt business decisions as we adapt accounting records to allow the daily analysis of results and assure credibility of accounts.

Preparation of e-reports

We rely on automated workflow tools and use advanced technological solutions, e.g. for electronic document workflow, import of batch data files, sending of SAF-T files, preparing e-reports or using BI management reporting tools.

Analysis of financial results

In our everyday work, we are not only accountants; we cooperate with, consult and support businesses through ongoing contact with our financial partners. We analyse; we are able to give an opinion on the values in the income statement or balance sheet.

Preparation of corporate income tax (CIT) settlements and (VAT, VAT-EU, JPK_VAT) tax returns

In permanent cooperation, we become authorised under an agreement to file tax returns; we sign and are responsible for calculations, declarations and tax information

Keeping revenue and expense books

We cooperate with medium-sized enterprises and small businesses as well. For us, accounting specialists, it is a nice escape from difficult and complex issues. We guarantee for any client that we are able to deal with different types of situations in our daily work and supporting businesses, we consider the wider spectrum of changing regulations.

Preparing income tax returns

We take a holistic approach to companies keeping a revenue and expense book or revenue register. By entrusting us with the accounting support, the client always stays assured that we will meet the tax filing deadlines and will gather all data and information for the tax office in advance.

Certified auditor’s services for tax authority inspection

We cooperate with inspection bodies; we have extensive experience of working with state inspectors. We prepare the documents and explanations quickly, efficiently and comprehensively, as required, so that no inspection is horrifying and stressful for you.

Accounting advice in day-to-day operations

We always adapt the rules of cooperation to our clients’ requirements and expectations, ensuring the effective use of time and competence on both sides.

Accounting supervision

We ensure long and fruitful cooperation through partner relations and client’s access to accounting and tax consultations during regular day-to-day transactions. We guarantee supervision of the safety of tax solutions, as applied.

Reviews of books of account and tax settlements

If you have doubts about any settlements, we offer reviews of the books of account and bookkeeping supervision. We will summarise, confirm the correctness or identify the areas for improvement. We will help you to correct errors and implement proper accounting standards, always keeping the risk for owners and businesses to a minimum.

We help our clients to effectively conduct business processes, taking into account legal and tax or intellectual property aspects.

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