Company History

The beginnings of Moore Polska date back to the end of the 1980s, when the free market economy began to develop intensively, and private businesses could be established on the market. Talented managers were looking for opportunities for personal fulfillment and development. During this period, people with professional preparation and experience made bold decisions to create their business activities or companies.

It was then, in 1989, in Poznań, the company Finansista was founded, created thanks to the knowledge and experience of three talented and brave women: Irena Leczyk and her two daughters – Lidia Skudławska and Roma Żuchowska. Soon after, in 1992, the WIT accounting office, established by a certified auditor Lucyna Witek, who returns from the diplomatic mission in Baghdad, begins its activity in Gdańsk. This company became the nucleus of the family-owned company “REWIT” Ośrodek Rachunkowo-Konsultingowy, established in 1994. The company’s founders were family members: Lucyna Witek, Statutory Auditor, husband Bolesław, a lawyer, and two students: Agnieszka and Piotr.

From the very beginning, women determine the strength and experience of companies. All of them are open to new market challenges make bold decisions: building their businesses. The consequences of their actions, persistence, diligence, and strength of their teams lead to the creation of reliable audit companies at the forefront of a certified auditor in their regions of Poland.

Currently, Moore Polska consists of over 220 experts. There are 30 statutory auditors, 3 tax advisors, and interdisciplinary teams of experts and specialists in their fields. People who look to the future constantly develop but do not forget about their foundations: history.

The most important events in the history of the Company


establishment of the company Finansista in Poznań with 100% Polish capital


the company Finansista is entered on the list of entities authorized to audit financial statements under number 255


opening of the second Finansista office in Poznań

opening of the WIT accounting office


establishment of the company „REWIT” Ośrodek Rachunkowo-Konsultingowy sp. z o.o.


the company REWIT is entered on the list of entities authorized to audit financial statements under number 101


Finansista, as the only Polish company, participates in the process of consolidation of the cooperative banking sector: it audits the financial statements of Małopolski Bank Regionalny and 185 cooperative banks.


to accommodate all employees, the Finansista starts the construction of its own office building, to which it moves a year later

„REWIT” Ośrodek Rachunkowo-Konsultingowy sp. z o.o. changes its name to REWIT Księgowi i Biegli Rewidenci sp. z o. o.


Finansista establishes an Education Center and organizes top-rated training courses


Finansista enters the international structures Morison KSi starts to use the name Morison Finansista


in the chair of the President of Morison Finansista, Irena Leczyk is replaced by her daughter Lidia Skudławska


Morison Finansista co-organizes the world conference of Morison KSi members in Krakow.


obtaining the authorization of an authorized advisor on the New Connect market by the company REWIT Księgowi i Biegli Rewidenci

Morison Finansista team becomes a licensed advisor on the New Connect market

purchase of a new property and its extension to the seat of the REWIT Company

beginning of the REWIT GROUP activity: establishment of 1 subsidiary, REWIT Południe sp. z o.o. in Bielsko-Biała


the new address of the REWIT headquarters in Gdańsk at Starodworska 1 street

Morison Finansista ranks 8th in the nationwide „Ranking of audit firms" by Rzeczpospolita newspaper


opening of a new REWIT office in Gdynia

Lucyna Witek, the President of REWIT, receives the statuette „WOMEN OF SUCCESS"


Lucyna Witek was replaced by her son Piotr Witek in the President of REWIT position.


Morison Finansista takes 1st place among small auditing companies in the Book of Lists 2012 ranking, carrying out the successful commercialization of the Independent Public Provincial Hospital in Gorzów Wielkopolski: the most indebted hospital in Poland


opening of REWIT's operations on the Warsaw market: establishing the REWIT Outsourcing company in Warsaw

REWIT opens a Virtual Office in Gdańsk and Bielsko-Biała

Morison Finansista participates in preparation for the debut on the WSE of a long-term client: WITTCHEN S.A., the Polish Financial Supervision Authority does not submit any comments to the part of the prospectus prepared by Morison Finansista


the commencement of the activity of REWIT Optymalizacja Biznesu sp. z o.o., a company that performs complex tax and economic analyzes of business

Morison Finansista and REWIT receive the „Family Company” certificate


exceeding PLN 10 million of revenues in the REWIT Group


„Rzeczpospolita” newspaper awards Morison Finansista in the Prosocial Audit Company category of 2018


REWIT is ranked 15th among the largest auditors in Poland


REWIT joins the international Moore Global network: 11th network of audit companies in the world and has been communicating as Moore Rewit ever since


the largest merger in the history of the Polish auditing market: Moore Polska is established from the experience and knowledge of Morison Finansista and Moore Rewit

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